Outlander on Starz

outlander-logo-starz copy
Outlander Comes to television!

On August 9, 2014 Outlander premiered as a television series on Starz cable network. The show runner of the series is Ron D. Moore and his production company, Tall Ship Productions. As a longtime lover of the books I, like millions of others, was very excited to see it come to life. Diana Gabaldon was serving as a consultant to the show, which pleased most fans, because there is a fear of the show being nothing like the books. From the time of the first announcement of the premier date there were news releases of who had been cast for each of the major characters. Then came the press tours which included numerous panels and interviews with the producers, cast and book author Diana Gabaldon. All of those who participated seemed to be very open and candid about themselves and their involvement in the show. They all seemed to get along very well, genuinely fond of each other as well as the fans. It was quite fun seeing them all having a good time together and excited about the show. Watching all of these things really added to the anticipation of the show for myself and I’m sure many other fans!

However things are never as they seem. In January of 2016, a few months before the beginning of Season 2 the “too good to be true” Outlander experience came to an end and things turned sour.some of the major producers, cast members, and crew came crashing

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