Fangirl at 60?

A new world

I mentioned in an earlier post I have been a fan of the Outlander book series for over 20 years. I also wrote in one of my first posts about the excitement of fans, myself included, to finally seeing the books come to life as a television series. It was very interesting to learn about the producers and how everything came together to create the show. Watching the cast interact in all the press was delightful and made the excitement for the show even greater. They all seemed to like each other and have fun together. The Comic Con 2014 panel was the first time I remember the cast sharing themselves and I knew before the first that they had the perfect cast! I started to follow the show on Facebook and joined some Outlander fan groups there as well to share the excitement with other fans and keep up with all Outlander news. Soon there were blogs, Twitter and Instagram accounts to follow and keep up with all Outlander news and I found myself in new, fun, exciting territory, internet fandom! I watched the first 1/2 of Season 1 and it was better than I could have ever imagined! Then came the 6 month droughtlander before the second 1/2 of Season 1. It was long but a very entertaining time because there were video clips released from starz, the cast and occasionally, publicity photos and interviews. Fans made and shared awesome artwork and music videos. There were now Outlander products to purchase, officially from Sony Starz and lots of beautiful fan made items as well. It was so fun to share my love of this story and now show with others who loved it as much as I did. I learned that the cast, producers, Diana and others interacted with each other and fans on social media, especially Twitter and Instagram so I got on both to follow and it was very fun, for a while… 


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