Ch ch ch changes…

How will I do my 60’s?

Left photo March 2016 – Middle photo April 2016 – Right photo July 2016

2016 has been another big transition year for me. I was laid off from my job for the 2nd time in 6 months and this time was final, there were going to be no call backs for me. Losing my job, while frustrating and upsetting for many reasons, I wasn’t devastated. I felt fortunate that my husband still had a good job.

2 months after that final lay off I turned 60. I had to make major decisions again about how I wanted to move forward at this point in my life. Turning 60 did make an impact on how I was now approaching life and the future. Some major things that happened over the past decade, from 50-60, were life changing. My husband and I were primary caretakers for my parents as they both went through major health issues then passed away. Our children all finished college, moved away from home, began careers, and started families. We became grandparents, which was the best thing of all! We started having discussions about where we wanted to go from here, how we wanted to spend the next couple of decades if we were fortunate enough to be given good health.

Personally I also came to grips with my aging process and decided I wasn’t going to try to keep looking 40 or now 50 forever, but just be the best me I can be.It’s a time for trying new things for myself. I’ve always worn my hair short but I had been keeping it a little longer the past few years so I decided to go back and try the really short cut. After coloring my hair since I was 34, I also decided to go natural, which will be mostly gray. If I don’t like it I can always color it again, but I’m not worried any longer about looking older, I am older so I’m going to embrace it!

I have ideas that I had always wanted to explore but never had the opportunity, so I thought this might be the time.It is a big transition phase that I we have just begun to negotiate. This website/blog is part of my new ventures. It should be an interesting journey from here. I hope you will check in with me to see how things go.

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