About Me


Welcome! Hello, this is Ann, and this is a little background about myself. I turned 60 in May and am embarking on new journeys to learn more, be more creative and drink in as much life as I can every day! I have been married to my husband for 41 yrs and he is my best friend and my rock. We have been blessed with 4 children, 2 sons and 2 daughters, 2 sons-in-law, a beautiful daughter-in-law, a bonus daughter, 2beautiful grandsons, soon a new granddaughter and 2 bonus granddaughters! I went back to college and obtained my bachelor’s degree in Psychology when I was 56. I have worked at many different positions over my life, as teenager in a Pizza restaurant, customer service in several retail stores, day care when my kids were young, graphic design, customer support for a software company and my last positions were as office manager in 2 different departments at a university. The job outside of home that I loved the most was in graphic design. The company was good to work for, the work environment was great and I had wonderful co-workers. I told everyone I would work there until they walked me out the door, which is what happened on December 31, 2003 when they consolidated with another location and closed ours. Next I worked in software support and eBusiness implementation for 5 years before deciding I was going to fulfill a lifelong goal and go back to school and obtain my degree. After doing that I went to work for the university I attended as an office manager and I loved that position as well. Well, fate seemed determined to change my direction again because the university had to make massive budget cuts which included layoffs. So again I found myself at 59 unemployed. This is when I decided I would try a few things on my own and see what happens. So here I am blogging. I also have a YouTube channel, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts that I will connect here soon. I also plan on adding an Etsy store.

I started this website after my experiences in social internet. I used to say that I’ve lived long enough and seen enough that nothing would shock me anymore. Then I started really interacting on social media, and boom! I won’t say that anymore! As you will read in my many posts you’ll find that I am a huge fan of the Outlander book series, by Diana Gabaldon, and now the television series by Tall Ship Productions on Sony Starz. I’ve watched, listened and learned so much over the past 2 years and now I have a lot to say and share, so am I jumping on the invisible waves of the world wide web. I will be blogging often about many of my passions including books, many television shows, movies, music, travel, nature, food, drinks, human behavior and the human spirit! I hope you enjoy what I share! I welcome comments and feedback as long as it is appropriate.

I’m also very happy that some of my kids will also be blogging here about their many passions. I will let them introduce themselves and what kinds of things they will blog about. Hopefully you will like us enough to follow and share our stories!